​Dr. Clay Nuttall
"The Bible on Crime and Punishment"
The Bible speaks to everything in one way or another. Where it does speak directly, it is correct even if the pagan culture... Read More!

"Protecting the Pastorate"
The scriptures are clear concerning the man who is pastor, shepherd, elder, bishop, and overseer.  His qualifications, role, responsibility, and limitation...Read More!

Rick Shrader
"The state of the church in 2016"
Every year I give a State of the Church address to the church I pastor. This is usually directed toward our small local church and what challenges we may face in the coming year...Read More!

​Dave Kistlers

​"The Health and Future of Fundamentalism"

"The state of the church in 2016"
Every year I give a State of the Church address to the church I pastor. This is usually directed toward our small local church and what challenges we may face in the coming year...
Read More!

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Dr. Lawrence D. Hufhand

Author & Editor of The Hufhand Report

The Mission

Dr. Lawrence D. Hufhand

"Why Some Pastors Succeed and others Fail"

Those who succeed follow these guidelines. This is a series of articles that I posted in my Hufhand Report. Since there is a whole new crop of preachers that have come on the scene, I thought it important that there be some guidelines for them to follow... Read more! 

"Diet and Climate"

Since I have been so adamant about churches having Sunday morning evangelistic services, rather than traditional worship services, someone asked me what the difference...Read more!

"Enthusiasm is the Remedy for Mediocrity"

Recently I came across a rather long political essay about the incredible danger of mediocrity written by a South African by the name of Gareth van Onselen. Although its emphasis was political in nature, it has powerful implications...Read more!

Dr. Clay Nuttall

"Words have Meaning"

STOP IT; KNOCK IT OFF!  Stop supporting evil, that is.  We may not have meant to do it, but when our words give credence to wickedness, we need to stop using them.  Let me give you an example.  Why do intelligent, spiritual persons use the term “same-sex marriage”?   
There is no such thing.  The only marriage that exists is the one that God instituted and which He controls.  The term “same-sex marriage” is a...
 Read More!

​Dr. Rick Flanders
When a black man was elected president if the United States, it seemed that a thick barrier had been destroyed which had marred American life for many years...Read More!

"Now What?"
Maybe we have enough time now to get used to the idea that the Supreme Court has changed our country's official definition of marriage...Read More!

"Now Ye are Clean"
Many of those who are seeking revival today have been touched by revival fires in the past. Our experience, for the better or for worse, seems to effect the...Read More!

Therefore my beloved brethren, be steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord; for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

I Corinthians 15:58

The Hufhand Report

Hufhand Ministries

Lawrence (Larry) Hufhand retired in 2006, after 46 years of Pastoral ministry. He founded the Calvary Baptist Church of Freeport, IL, in 1960 and pastored the church for 5 years and then moved to Tipton, IN in 1965 to pastor the First Baptist Church for 41 years. He and his wife Marion have four sons, 13 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren, and are currently residing in Noblesville, IN. 

Dr. Hufhand has served on the board of Macedonia Baptist Mission in Lawrenceville, Ga., as well as the Slavic Baptist Institute of the Ukraine. He has spoken at numerous Christian colleges including Bob Jones University, Pensacola Christian College, Maranatha, Pillsbury, Ambassador, Clearwater Christian College and Indiana Baptist College. 

Dr. Hufhand holds degrees from Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Ind. and a Doctorate from Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, AL. 

Dr. Hufhand has been actively involved in the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship for over 40 years, serving as president several times and State Representative. As State Rep. he preached in churches all over the state of Indiana, held conferences of various kinds and was helpful in churches without a pastor. 

Dr. Hufhand can be reached via email: 


Cell phone: 765-437-1436

About the Editor

The choices we make in life are determined, not by circumstances or conditions of life, but rather by our core values based on the Word of God. Upon being called of God into the ministry of preaching the gospel, I determined to never veer off into any other vocation.

I have the same determination in these my golden years, as I had when I stared out almost sixty years ago. The words of the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 4:1-2 are still fused into my soul as the motivation of my life. "I charge thee therefore….Preach the Word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine." My desire is to give God,"My utmost for His highest."

It is for that reason, regardless of the years, the cultural changes, the theological shifts, and the coming apostasy, I will stay true to the Word of God, and be dispensational in my theology, fundamental in my doctrine, and independent in my ecclesiastical associations,

Go ye therefore and teach all nations...

​                               Mattew 28:19

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